We have in America all the ingredients for a sort of “Perfect Storm” when it comes to a Christian trying to choose a church.  Individually, the ingredients (symptoms) are harmless and even noble -- It’s the combination that can be crippling:  A lifetime saturation of the “never give up” ideal, our military history of “leave no soldier behind,” coupled with the social/ cultural stigma of opposing traditional religious leaders or institutions (leaving a church can be skewed as opposition to the mission of that church, to the people in that church, or even as opposition to God) which can lead to a spiritual paralysis of sorts – It’s the “other” RLS -- Religious Loyalty Syndrome. 

But if guilt-based loyalty is the symptom, and spiritual paralysis is the end result, then the antidote, or cure, is simple: enter Dr. Speaking the truth in love, the spiritual spinal surgeon that can breathe life and movement back into the most spineless of us Christians! 

What I’m about to say may shock you: The Outpost is not the only  church in Weaverville where God is alive and well, and working  through His people.  Now why, you ask, would I let that kind of information get out among our congregation?  Because I believe God uses different churches at different times to impact different people who are at different stages in their walk with Him, using pastors and styles that emphasize different attributes of a Sovereign God.

That being said, let’s all step back for a moment and enjoy a collective breath of freedom.  There is freedom in that statement.  Not only is God free to use whatever church or pastor or harlot or murderer or donkey He wants in order to communicate His Truth, but you also are free – to attend whichever church you choose – and religious guilt has no rights in regards to that freedom.

In Jn. 21:17 Jesus looked at Peter and said, “Feed my sheep.”  That is Christ’s charge to every church throughout all time.  If you are in that place of indecision about what church to attend, if you feel plagued with RLS, than ask yourself this question – “Am I being fed at this church?  As a result am I growing in my relationship with Christ?”  If the answer is “yes,” stay where you are!  If it is “no,” and you think there is something you can contribute that will solve the deficiency, stay. But If not, leave where you are, and find another church, and leave guilt free – Well-fed sheep cannot be stolen.

Surrounded By Grace,

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