He is a BIG God.  We hear that a lot, and it’s true ~ He’s a big God and big enough to handle all of the giants, all of the curve-balls and all of the obstacles that stand in the way of our goals and growth – because He’s BIGGER (1 Jn.4:4).  

 But the danger of thinking big is always this – the little things can get overlooked.  And when it comes to our BIG GOD, the natural tendency is for us to assume we shouldn’t bother Him with the “little” things in our lives, the personal needs that don’t necessarily have any bearing on God’s master plan for the world.  As we head into November emphasizing PRAYER, here’s proof that He cares.

The word for "millipede" in Gabon (country in Africa where I grew up)  is "Ngongolo" (it's okay - go ahead and say it out loud; I know you want to - "ing-gong-golo").  A few days ago, while uprooting every rock in the yard in search of the elusive yet friendly Sow Bug, Nathan squealed with delight at a new discovery - he had found an Ngongolo!  But an hour later his delight turned into horror when he accidentally drove over and squished his new bug with his birthday tricycle.  Many tears followed.

That night as I tucked Nathan into bed I asked him (as is our routine) what he wanted to tell God about his day.  Almost instantly he looked and sounded like he would cry again, and he prayed – “God, I’m sorry the Ngongolo died.”  Touched by his obvious sorrow, I encouraged him to ask God to help him find another one tomorrow (they are hard to find in our yard – I was asking faith of a 3 yr. old!).  He did so, sweetly, and the next day while at the office in Weaverville I got a call from Esther that Nathan had indeed found another Ngongolo under only the second rock he moved.  The first words out of his mouth were – “Mommy, God found me another Ngongolo!”

“He is God of the Ngongolo” – the small things – because  He wants to be your God in ways that you can measure.  He cares about the small things because He cares about you.  Don’t be afraid to bring your personal desires and the cares of your heart before God – “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” (1Pe. 5:7).  May the Lord richly bless you, the ministers of His grace, on these days between Sundays.  

Surrounded By Grace,

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