I was driving home from work the other day and began taking in deep breaths of seawater.  In case you haven’t heard, this is not a recommended method for remaining “long-lived.”  Let me explain. 

I was obsessing.  Or as Esther and I like to call it, “spiraling” – as in, out of control – of my thoughts and emotions, and worst of all, my Faith.  One after another, like rows of waves (or advancing troop brigades), the things not accomplished in my work day paraded before my eyes.  Then, with a degree of subtlety that has long since been perfected in Hell, they morphed into a list of things that would probably never get done, followed by accusation after accusation of why this was specifically my fault.  And I almost bought it.  I mean, I stared at each wave like a deer in the headlights and practically stuck my head into the water with my mouth open.  But then, just before I went under for the third time, I caught a glimpse of a boat only a few feet away – and frantically climbed in.

We probably all know the Bible story about Peter, walking on the water at the invitation of Jesus, accomplishing the impossible until he took his eyes off of the power-source behind his performance. “Bad Peter,” we think secretly, but really, we do it ever day, every single time we fixate on ordinary problems in the presence of an extra-ordinary God.  Instead, I encourage you to give those things over to God, and rather than staring at the waves, stare at Christ, get in the boat – and praise Him.  Do I know the outcomes of all that lies ahead?  No – but that’s not my responsibility. My job is to bring those worries to the Lord and leave them there with Him.  I personally like to sing praise songs as a “next step” because it’s a concrete way for me to ‘”act out” my faith – that I believe God will take care of it.  “Faith is the victory” –  and I want Satan to hear a victory chant!  I sang praise songs at the top of my lungs all the way home.  We’re more than conquerors – sing your victory!

Surrounded By Grace,

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