BEAR WITH ME ~ 10/25/07

Q.) What's black and tan and tries to get run over?
A.) A bear chasing a chicken across the road.

Okay, so there wasn't really a chicken being chased by a bear - but there was a bear being chased by a car - my own!  Sunday morning, on the way to our service in Weaverville, I caught a flash of  black in my peripheral vision, just to the right of the road.  Now keep in mind we're on our way to church, we're still within Redding's city limits, we're dressed up, and we're drinking coffee while listening to worship music - our minds are somewhere else entirely.  Then a sudden flash on the right, and before I even know what I'm saying, I yell - "BEAR!"

Esther goes, "Huh?," Nathan repeats what I've just said, but at a much higher frequency, and I hit the breaks, still unsure of what I thought I saw - and boy, I'm glad I did.  Just as I'm getting the car to a manageable speed, an explosion of galloping fur crosses Hwy. 299, 300 lbs. of breakfast burrito with teeth, not 5 feet from my front bumper.  By this time I'm laughing hysterically for some reason, Esther's gasping and clutching her door handle with white knuckled ferocity, and Nathan has gone into machine-gun speech mode, chattering for the next 5 minutes about his newfound appreciation for bears.  "And it was a nice bear, and he looked at me, and he liked me and wanted me to pet him, and..." You get the idea.

The last I saw, that bear was pounding its way up a manzanita-covered hill in the general direction of Bill's house.  I offered up a quick prayer of thanks (for the miss and because it was now headed for Bill) and enjoyed an uneventful rest of the journey over Buckhorn and into Weaverville.  Now that's how a Sunday morning drive to church should be!

Surrounded By Grace,

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