HALLOWED OUT ~ 11/1/07

Wow! I have never been so impressed by such a big crowd in such a small place.  Halloween night in downtown Weaverville is officially crazy. And really fun!

Last night Esther, Nathan, Aaron and I ate a frantic and fantastic nacho dinner at the Rupp's house before heading out into what had been, only an hour before, a sleepy main Street.  but suddenly there were people coming out of the woodwork! Superman was casually strolling down the sidewalk with Spiderman, comparing notes, no doubt, on crime deterrent strategies.  I’m pretty sure I caught a glimpse of Catwoman holding hands with a very small transformer.  And just ahead of me in a dense crowd stood none other than Captain Jack Sparrow, casting a covetous eye on the pumpkin candy pail of what appeared to be a large, walking eyeball.  I felt very underdressed.

If you were out braving the craziness last night, I hope you stopped by and got some candy at the office – we were open and  passing out candy with the best-dressed of them, our new office sign leaning against the window and our Outpost pumpkin cheerily lighting the entrance.   My thanks, again, to those who volunteered to staff it so that Weaverville could again be made aware of our presence here in town!

Surrounded By Grace,


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