FALLOUT ~ 10/19/07

The leaves are changing and the winds have picked up in Trinity County -- and I love it; this is my favorite time of year.  When people ask me "why," I usually refer to the color changes, the wind, the tumultuous skies, the way every candle suddenly feels like it's own fireplace.  Esther insists it has something to do with deer hunting... I'm not discounting that theory either.

I used to think it was just the cold weather that was responsible for the infusion of so much  color in our deciduous tree leaves -- I was wrong.  Turns out it's actually the decreased amount of daylight as well as the colder nights that triggers the formation of a "woody plug" in the leaf stems.  This plug continues to solidify until it completely cuts off the flow of chlorophyl -- wat keeps the leaves green -- allowing for the other pigments usually overshadowed by the green to "show through."  Chlorophyl's "final rally" for supremacy takes place when the leaves turn from yellow to red -- the color of the chlorophyl in its final stages of decomposition.  Then the leaf falls.

There is a flow of unity that cannot be allowed to be interrupted as we continue in this vital stage of growth as a venue/ church, or the health of The Outpost will, well... fade and eventually fall.  All that to say, if you really want to scare me this Halloween -- come dressed as a woody plug.

Surrounded By Grace,

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