TAKE THE PLEDGE! ~ 5/22/08

As my Ford F-150 crested the summit, the breathtaking view of Whiskeytown Lake quickly filled the windshield, a brilliant sunset issuing forth amber-rose hues of color to dance on wave-tops like platoons of marching soldiers, bravely advancing to engage the battle line of encroaching darkness…

Normally, this is the kind of scene that can cause an accident -- because I’ll forget all about driving and just stare.  Oddly enough, there was something else on that same summit that tore my attention away and in itself, almost caused a crash for the wonder of it.  There, in a tiny dirt turn-out, a man in simple clothing had interrupted his drive and busy schedule – to pray.  I only glimpsed him for a moment as my gas-guzzler and I roared past, but it was enough time for me to know exactly what was going on.  Having received a Bachelors as well as a Masters of Divinity degree in Cross-Cultural Missions, I knew immediately that the man was a Muslim.  He was kneeling on a simple cloth, which served as a prayer rug, and was facing due east – the direction of Mecca.  As he drove along in the midst of what was, no doubt, a day as busy as yours or mine, he realized what time it was, or perhaps a pre-set alarm on his wrist watch sounded, alerting him – it was time to pray.

Devout Muslims are absolutely committed to stopping whatever they are doing, 5 times a day, to pray.  Christian critics will immediately point out that, aside from the obvious contradictions with Christianity, they pray repetitious, ritual prayers, having little to do with real needs or personal feelings.  “Besides,” say the critics, “Christians pray ‘without ceasing,’ so we actually are more faithful in the area of prayer.”  But you know what – and this isn’t about guilting you -- I’m willing to bet most Muslims put most Christians to shame in the area of consistent prayer.

So here’s a question -- What would happen if we all decided to pray 5 minutes every day, for one month – for God to save lost people through The Outpost?  What do you think could happen?  I’m not talking about 5x a day, I’m talking about once a day, for 5 minutes, for one month.  Do you think you could handle that?  5 min. Prayer Pledge cards will be available on the information table at church this Sunday.  Step 1: Rip off the portion with suggested prayer requests and put it in your Bible.  Step 2: Fill out the other half of the card and drop it in the offering basket.  There will be no “Prayer Pledge Police” checking up on you – it’s simply your opportunity to take a stand and some ownership of what God might do through our church.  Take the pledge! 

Surrounded By Grace,

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