I'll try to keep this short: God is responding to our prayers.

Two nights ago, on the National Day of Prayer, Neighborhood Church of Redding held a Concert of Prayer (If you don't know what that is, see my last post). Pastor Bill described it best that night to the roughly 400 who gathered -- 

"You, showing up here tonight to worship in prayer and song, you are the concert." 

So we sang to our God, and we prayed to our God -- for the world, for the nation, for the city, for our church, for our families and for our unbelieving friends and neighbors -- and already, already He is answering...

Later on, that same night, I received this email from someone who attended:

"After a great night of praise and prayer, we returned home and had a message on the machine that my dad called. I called him back expecting another conversation about mom’s passing and was flooded with questions about God and amazingly I was able to explain the Gospel to him and he accepted the gift of salvation right there on the phone. We prayed and I shed tears of joy, so thankful for God allowing me to be a part of His plan for us. This is an immediate answer to our prayers tonight! I thank God and each of you who have prayed with and for me and have encouraged and taught me, my joy is indescribable! Man what a night!"

Wow. The day afterwards, I personally had two breakthroughs in conversations with individuals I've been talking with for months. And I firmly believe I'm only seeing the tip of the iceberg. 'Greater things are yet to come...' Do you believe that?

Surrounded By Grace,


  1. Ernie says...

    I brought an unsaved friend to the concert of prayer. It didn't go well for her. We wound up leaving early to go sit out back and talk. She was able to confess some things to me and let some of her pain and prejudice towards churches go. She called me the next night to tell me about an amazing thing happening to her. I loaned her my copy of Bill's book and while she was reading it and thinking about how she wants so much to change her life, she felt the Holy Spirit move in her for the first time! Again I was able to minister to her and witness just how great is our God. He is answering my prayers for my friend Mara and I get to see His amazing Grace working in her life. Praise God!

  2. Ernie says...

    P.S. I knew as I was sitting with my friend out behind the church that people were inside the building praying for the miracle that was happening at that moment in my friends heart. That knowledge gave me strength to speak and Praise the Lord His words came out of my mouth.

  3. Thank you for that Ernie ~ Lord, I thank you for the work you have begun in Mara's life and I ask right now that you would continue it through to salvation and beyond! Please Father, break through the walls that she has put up because of past experiences that still cause her pain. Thank you for Ernie, for her obedience in reaching out to her friend, and for speaking to her in faith, knowing that the prayers of those inside were making a difference. I ask that you bring Mara into your Kingdom through Ernie as a reward, a blessing, and an encouragement to her. Open Mara's eyes, ears, mind and heart, by the power of your Holy Spirit, and through your servant Ernie. In Jesus' name, make it so!!

    Great job Ernie. See you soon.


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