THE PUPPET ~ 4/23/09

Okay, change of plans.
Instead of the promised post on "Why We Assemble" (Which will come soon), due to popular demand and much 'local pressure,' I am posting our church drama that we first performed on Easter Sunday, called "The Puppet." It is adapted from a drama I first was taught at Simpson University about 10 years ago.  I have changed the music, and many individual elements of the skit, but the depiction of the gospel message remains the same.  

Before you watch, some quick words to help you get the most out of this ~
This drama attempts to summarize the creation by God of humankind, followed by humanity's rebellion/ betrayal (The Fall) and God's subsequent incarnation (God became a human!), crucifixion (How He died for you) and resurrection work (He rose from the dead!) to make a way to save lost humanity. To get the most out of this drama, follow the movements of the white and red scarves. The white scarf represents "righteousness," or a right relationship with God. The red scarf represents "sin." This is God's story. And if you open the door of your heart to the knocking Jesus, who waits for you to accept what He has done on your behalf, it can be your story too. 

Surrounded By Grace,

~ Music by Michael W. Smith & Tenth Avenue North

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  1. Wow ~ what an awesome message in that drama, and so well done! I had to keep reminding myself that I actually know those talented individuals! Amazing that you can sum up so well in 10 minutes the incomprehensible work and love that God has poured out on us.


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