If you were there that day, you won’t likely forget it.  It was a Sunday morning almost two months ago at The Outpost when, after our normal string of weekly announcements, first time visitor Jesse Reiter of Weaverville’s “White Tiger Karate” stood up and made this plea: ‘Donna Fowler was brutally killed 28 years ago and has our county dump for a final resting place. She was 7 years old at the time of her death.  I have daughters of my own that are almost the same age, and it just doesn’t sit right with me that this girl should be remembered in this way, and in connection with that place.’  Jesse then went on to ask for signatures on a petition he was circulating in hopes that a memorial could be created in Donna Fowler’s honor, something that could perhaps even be placed in Lowden Park for other kids to enjoy. ‘I think it would be much more fitting if her memorial was something meaningful to other kids, something they could enjoy,’ said Jesse, ‘something that brought out the sound of children’s laughter.’  Here is an update on Jesse’s efforts.

Several weeks after the announcement in church, Jesse had enough signatures (approximately 500 members of our local community) to take the next step, and presented his petition for a special memorial before the county Board of Supervisors.  With overwhelming response, the project was supported and approved by all 5 supervisors, Trinity County general services director Mark Lockhart, county administrative officer Dero Forslund and, very importantly, the Fowler family.  In talking with Jesse again this week I was told that ‘another community organization has pledged a financial donation and the labor necessary for installation of the park memorial.  Bill Fischer of Allen and Dahl in Redding has also agreed to donate a bronze plaque for the memorial.’ 

So what will this Lowden Park memorial look like?  Check out the

picture! The memorial will be a piece of playground equipment called “Goat Rock,” both a climbing structure as well as a cave, made of concrete and reinforced steel and sure to be a source of the kind of laughter that will honor the memory of one precious little girl.

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  1. Ernie says..

    WOW! I got goosebumps reading this post. It is wonderful to see the Lord working in the hearts of the citizens of Weaverville.


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