NATHAN'S DAY ~ 1/9/12

The other day Nathan found me (Esther) journaling and asked what I was doing. Being Nathan, he was very curious and asked many questions! What is journaling? Why do you journal? What do you write about? How old do you have to be to journal? With that last question I knew just what he was getting at and asked him if he would like to try journaling. He was very eager and we immediately went on a search for a blank notebook. When he was finished and he shared his first entry with Josh and I, we asked if he would mind if we shared it on our family blog. He was very pleased to let us share. Yes, we partly do this because we are proud parents. We are continually amazed at the wonderful mind God has gifted this little person with. But also, after reading it ourselves, Josh and I both had the same response - delightful! So, we thought we would share with you the delight of seeing a day through the eyes of a seven year old. Enjoy!

Entry #1
“This morning I woke up in moms room with Sam sleeping peacefully with mom. After a minute I moved by mom and a few more minuts later Sam woke up and started crolling on me. Sam didin’t even know I was there. Mom just kept laghing and so did I. Then I sat up and played with Sam and he kept tilkling me and playing. After a long time mom told me to come out and we all went out of her room.

When we went out we were surprised that Aaron and dad were allready out. Mom put Sam down and gave Sam some toys to play with. Then I sat down on the coutch and watched the movie Aaron was watching. Afte I watched it for a while I went into the kitchen to get breakfeast and pored myself some cerial and sat down. So I watched the movie some more and than I went for seconds. Then I sat Down agan and ate it and then I went for thirds!

After that I watched the movie some more. Then I went to see if a bird was in my birdhouse I made yesterday. I found out mom was in the room I was in. Then I went to mom and snuggled up with her and then I went out to listen to a little movie dad made. After that I went to moms room to look out the wendow to see if a bird is in the birdhouse. But evry time I look a bird isn’t in the birdhouse. Then mom told me she was going somewhere with someone. I asked her when she would be home. She said she would be home at one in the afternoon.

So I started playing whith Aaron after mom left. But soon we got into trouble Then I went to moms room agan. After that I asked Dad if I could go outside. He told me I could go outside so I went outside. I played fetch with Jake my dog and thats pretty much all I did outside.

I came in because I herd a noise down the hill. I was surprised to see Aaron watching another movie. I watched it a whill then I watched something else and kept watching diffent things. Then Gabe came and told stories with dad. The stories I listend to and the movie I watched! Then mom came home and made me and Aaron lunch. Then it was rest time so I went to the playroom.

When I was in the playroom I read my book. Then I went out of the playroom to se mom. A little bit later Dad and Gabe came home and brought back some of Dads ofice stuff. I kept following them then they told me to go to the living room. A while later we had pancakes and baken for Dinner. Then me and Aaron started playing for a few minuts. After that we cleaned the living room. Then we brushed our teeth and went to bed.”


  1. What a bright kid you two have! I love his use of the adverb "peacefully." He is destined to be a great writer. It is also very interesting to look at the world, and the significant happenings of someone so young. The things he describes have become so commonplace in many of our lives, that we never think about them, but to a young one, those are the things that create stability and if you think about it are so very important. I love how this reminds me of the innocent and beautiful perspective of a young mind! Tamara

  2. Esther~thanks for sharing this....nice to see the world from a shorter point of view.


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