There are a great many things that mystify me.  And, tragically, they're not usually complicated things (to you). Here are a few of them.

1) How can 1:30 = 1.5?  I just don't get it.  I accept it on the word of the people who "get it" that this is true and on the 'up and up,' but it just doesn't seem right to me that different numbers can mean the same thing. I'm only on #1 and already my head's hurting.

2) On a related topic, I can't seem to grasp that if it's 10 am and 10 hours go by, it's not 10 pm.  What gives? I brought this deep mystery up to Esther recently and she said 
"You're stuck in the metric system."
"I need to switch to the system of "12's?" I asked --
"No," she said with a blank look on her face, "the system of time."

3) I'm the only one who pictures the months of the year as an "L?" Seriously, are all of you
 crazy? It makes perfect sense... somehow.  In all honesty, I have no idea how this happened but, inexplicably, when I picture a year in my head, it looks like this -------------------------------------->
Where did I go wrong?

4) What kind of food "snuggles?"  Actually, this has less to do with the many basic realities I find mind-numbing and more to do with the hilarity of kids. At dinner last night Esther told Nathan, who was wanting to go jump on the trampoline
"No, I want you to give your food a chance to settle."
Nathan hears: "...give your food a chance to snuggle," and proceeds to ask the very logical follow-up question that stumps us all for quite some time:
"What kind of food snuggles?"
All I've managed to come up with to this point is that possibly, just possibly, Angel Food Cake snuggles.  But I have no way to prove that.

Psychotic But For Grace,


  1. Some things just have to be taken on faith :). (angel food cake that is)

  2. If only that one verse ended "...and faith comes by eating."

  3. Ernie says..
    your calendar was very interesting, it seems to have a point in the middle of hunting season. Of course no one else sees this calendar in their head, most of us aren't that into hunting.

  4. Ummm... I see why you sign off as "psychotic," and, for your own benefit, I recommend that you quit drawing pictures of the stuff in your had. Plus, everyone knows the months of the year shape out to a "G."

    By the way, I "tagged" you, which means you're invited to blog your answers to the questions on

    Psychotic even with grace,

  5. Hmm, I can see the hour things being confusing, don't feel bad, I can't even tell time on a normal clock!

    But for the months, its a definite ''O" of reoccurring events.. month after month.. It never ends!

    And I have no Idea where you get that angel food cake "snuggles" I always go with the pasta.. Its squishy and delicious.

    Brit Brat


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