As I mentioned in passing last Sunday, I know for sure winter is just around the corner because things are sprouting once again from the floorboards of my Ford F-150.  If you have an older Ford, you understand.  If not, just smile and nod; “Whatever you say Josh” (smile and nod), “whatever you say…”

Days from now, thankfulness will be replaced by the wonderful glow of cheery lights on storefront windows… and covetousness.  Those lists your kids made in school, the “what I’m thankful for” lists, will be soundly ousted from their positions of power and prominence on your refrigerator doors and usurped by the insidious “wish list” (so named by parents desperate to distance themselves from making any promises).  Welcome to the season of giving!

But seriously, all cynicism aside ~ Christmas is a wonderful time of year, and this year I’m inviting you as part of The Outpost family to celebrate it as a family – a church family.  So allow me the chance to give you something; some good news, some fun news, some family news – a “sneak peek” into a couple great December events I hope you will choose to be a part of this Christmas season:

1) Christmas Party at Josh & Esther’s house ~ Friday, Dec. 19th

~ Times TBA, all will be welcome.  Think “It’s A Wonderful Life,” Christmas caroling, lots of good eats, and a chance to grow closer!

2) Christmas ‘Eve-Eve’ event at Neighborhood in Redding ~ Tuesday, Dec. 23rd

~ We don’t have to go as a group, but how fun would that be?  I’ve made arrangements to reserve a big section of seats, so sign ups will start on the 7th! Think “Field trip to ‘the Mother Ship!’”

With all my heart, I hope to see you there; It just won’t be the same Christmas without you! 

Surrounded By Grace,

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